22 May

Graduate employability key to how international students see UK Universities

International Student Survey Hobsons

Our universities are respected worldwide. Four of our universities are in the global top ten. As such, Higher Education is a major export market for the UK, with hundreds and thousands of students from across the globe applying to and attending British Universities each year. It is estimated that international students contribute £14 billion to the UK economy.

But, after a 29-year period of a sustained rise in the number of international students registered on full-time programmes at Higher Education institutions, in 2012-13 the UK saw a drop in the number of international applicants. In particular, 2012-13 saw a decline in applicants from within the EU and from the Indian subcontinent.

In order to understand this change, we surveyed 18,393 students from over 195 countries.
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05 May

Good Service is Good Business

The issue of whether or not students can be defined as ‘consumers’ has been debated for over a decade, and is now a hot topic of conversation and contention. Some have highlighted prospective students’ behaviour in comparing rankings. Looking at ‘reviews’ and ‘user feedback’ on websites such as The Student Room indicates typical traits of consumer behaviour. Others say that they can’t be consumers, but are rather ‘participants’— after all, you can’t just purchase a degree.

Whichever side of the fence you fall, we benefit from engaging with prospective and current students on a daily basis. So whether we refer to the ‘student experience’, ‘customer experience’ or ‘customer service’, the common theme is that we want to ensure that those interactions at all stages of the student lifecycle are excellent.
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