25 Sep

Technology Partner User Group Meeting

Yesterday’s onsite meeting was a great success, thank you to all the delegates that travelled from Berlin and all over the UK to be with us in London.

Registration for the next meeting is now open, book your place here.



HobsonsU in Nashville (Yeehaa!)
A colourful presentation from the Universities of Southampton, Bristol, Hertfordshire and UCA. Networking and the opportunity to learn about student engagement management from different education models were amongst the highlights as well as how to develop your communication plan in combination with direct marketing. A rich experience all round, the participants certainly offered some food for thought around content marketing and underused on campus resources (e.g. marketing/web design students).

What comms work best?
Jamie O’Connell,  our Product Director, provided the group with updates on current and upcoming projects – AB testing within Connect will be the next  exciting development, allowing you to test the most effective ways of communicating with your student audience. If you are interested to know more contact your success manager.

Big Data, trends and very pretty interactive graphs
Dipping into the meeting to bring us the latest on Big Data, our Marketing Insight team presented the EMi platform that aims to make industry wide data accessible and easier to analyse. EMi picks up on current market trends using interactive dashboards, and live data shows enrolments per institution over time as well as this past year enrolments per gender group.



Hot Topics:

Product Roadmap
Paul Miller, our global VP of Product, joined us from the US to review this past year’s improvements to the complete suite of Hobsons products. I took a few buzz words from that presentation which give you an idea of where the roadmap has been and where it’s headed which I coined The Three A(i)bility’s

  • Usability: enhancing the your experience.
  • Extendibility: improving data integration and web services possibilities
  • Dependability: developing excellent support and services for you

Migrations to Radius
University for the Creative Arts is our first migration partner with a second wave of partners to migrate in early 2015. Exciting time for all involved but an intentional controlled rollout to ensure we get it right. If you have any questions please speak to your success manager.

Launch of COMPASS
Our new online client community  - one stop shop to manage your support tickets, give product feedback directly to Product Managers, network and build user communities – Get involved. Let us know if you require any assistance with this.

By Alanna Henry, Client Success Manager.

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