26 Sep

Our visit to the University of Roehampton

Hobsons EMEA

Because of the proximity of the University of Roehampton to our London offices, Emma and I often travel to their beautiful campus. We attend their departmental meetings, give refresher training days to staff using our products, plan joint strategies for student recruitment, present to faculty members and often just to do our normal day’s work in their offices.

Last Monday we attended their annual agent’s conference. We were invited to listen to the talks and to give a short presentation on the benefits of the managed admissions service. We feel like we’re an integral part of their team – greeted like peers and  introduced to their agents as their colleagues. Our working relationship is collaborative and open, and whether we are on a visit to Roehampton or based in our London offices we feel and work like we are part of the university at all times.

It’s always positive to attend these events and meetings, constantly reinforcing the working relationship between Hobsons and Roehampton. The commitment from both us and the university forms the core of our closeness and is a key element of the success of our partnership.

We hope you enjoy our pictures from the day!

Harriet and Emma

Hobsons Hobsons Hobsons EMEA

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