17 Nov

Getting down with the IT crowd

On Thursday last week Hobsons were delighted to deliver two workshops at the annual UCISA CISG Conference.  Our sessions delivered to two full rooms were on going beyond traditional crm with student lifecycle management. It was a great opportunity to discuss Radius and all the additional benefits that it brings with existing partners and potential new partners.

UCISA Hobsons Workshop

We seemed to hit the zeitgeist at the conference as putting students at the heart of the higher education system and the role that IT plays was the central theme of this year’s conference.

In the pre conference brief Executive Secretary Peter Tinson told delegates “…there is recognition that institutions need to do more to foster a long term relationship with applicants to ensure that they translate from applicant to student through to graduation and alumnus.”  We couldn’t agree more!

The presentation was very well received with a lot of nodding and a good number of sensible and engaged questions about integration, single sign-ins, consolidating systems, consultancy and subscription models just to name a few!

We are looking forward to a lot of follow up conversations over the coming weeks and months.

For those that missed the presentation you can download it here.

Thanks to everyone involved with the UCISA CISG conference!

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