21 Nov

SOLE – Week One


This week we re-launched the SOLE project with Sacred Heart Catholic School in Highbury. We met with our school contact Jamie Harvey to coordinate the sessions with children from Years 4-6 (ages 9-11). Jamie was very excited to start the project, and his enthusiasm was reflected in the huge interest from the students.

Due to the large group numbers, sessions are being held in pairs; we took on the daunting challenge of running the first one. With 40 energetic kids it was definitely all hands on deck! However, we did have some assistance from our two volunteer ‘police officers’ Isobel and Alex.

SOLE Week 1 Image 1

Once the kids settled into groups, each with an iPad and blank poster, we let them loose on our big question:

How long would society last without electricity?

After some split-second thinking, a few students thought they had their answer in the bag, with a confident estimate that all human life would perish within half an hour. Nevertheless, the groups got underway with their research, and sharing their personal opinions on the horrors of missing out on their favourite TV shows.

After half an hour, the groups shared their findings to the class. There were some fantastic ideas and perspectives, in particular from the group of Year 4 boys, who were distraught at the prospect of never being able to play FIFA 14 (our personal favourite factoid). In close second, a popular solution to our electricity problem was to run the world on potato power – watch out Ireland!


The session was a big success; all the children left happy and excited for next week and the potential of being a coveted police officer. It is looking to be a promising term with Sacred Heart Catholic School, and we hope that the project will run on a long-term basis into the New Year.

Next week Donna and Hannah will take on the challenge with their big question: Why are there people starving in the world?

We both really enjoyed the experience, and would encourage everyone to sign up for next term. Please contact Donna for more information.

By Nicola and Alastair



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