24 Nov

Radius Implementation Diary


On October 6th, the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) Radius tenant became the first of its kind created and hosted in the EMEA market. UCA is now blazing the trail for all other EMEA Radius migrations by being our first Connect to Radius migration.  This is a big step for both Hobsons and the UCA team as we both continue forward with a Radius solution that is focused on putting the student at the centre of the recruitment experience.

After several months of thinking and strategising around Radius, the UCA team is continuing to make strong steps forward in migrating their Connect instance.  At the moment, we’re working on pulling our old communication plan from Connect, looking to see where Radius can add improvement/efficiencies, and rebuilding our new and improved communication plans in the Radius system.

We’ve already had many ‘oh that’s so much easier…’ moments, and we’re anticipating many more prior the completion of the Migration.  Stay tuned for more migration excitement!

Matt McKillen, Senior Implementation Specialist

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