27 Nov

SOLE – Week Two

Once the kids of year 4-6 at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School had got used to our new faces, the second session of SOLE got underway. They told us that they had really enjoyed last week’s exploration with Nicola and Alistair of how long society would last without electricity, and many seemed keen to volunteer to be the ‘police officers’. This week Stephanie and Samuel helped us out in this much coveted role and got to work handing out the iPads, posters and pens.


This SOLE club we were tackling the question of ‘Why are there people starving in the world today?’

Many of the kids pointed out that there are places in the world where we throw away a huge amount of food in the bin every day, when there are people who haven’t had a single meal. Different groups came up with different ideas, ranging from climate and weather making living conditions more difficult, to the infrastructure of countries being unfavourable for the easy transportation of food and water, to suffering economies resulting in unemployment and poverty.



The range of different approaches to the question and conclusions drawn as to why there are so many people going hungry in the world was amazing. One group of very impressive year 4 boys explored the idea of the poverty trap making it difficult for many people to escape their harsh conditions and lack of food. All of the kids were so engaged in the topic, and interested to hear each other’s ideas when they were presenting their findings and posters at the end of the session. A great success!

Next week the kids will be exploring the question of ‘Who is the most powerful person in the world?’ – A topic sure to produce some interesting answers!

Hannah and Donna



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