04 Dec

SOLE – Week Three


SOLE club this week again came from Sacred Heart Catholic School in Highbury. This time we had a different question to ask the children:

Who is the most powerful person in the world?

The introduction of this question led to a mixture of excited responses from the kids; “Well that’s obvious… Jesus” or “ooh ooh I know, I know!”

Whether the children thought they had it figured or not, we still needed some research from each of the groups. As the children have become familiar with the process, we allowed them to get into their own groups; this was met with mixed success! To say there were slight behavioral issues this week would be an understatement. Nicola and I dealt with some tears and a tantrum or two, but nothing we couldn’t handle. Of course they were the usual kiddy issues such as ‘I want to be in his group!’ and ‘she won’t let me draw on the poster’, so in true SOLE fashion we had them consider others’ feelings and focus on the task at hand.


Once the kids were settled we started to see some great work from them on this question. A lot of them considered political powers first, with suggestions of Barrack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Vladimir Putin and even China’s Xi Jinping. Some really thought outside the box this week, and considered people we personally wouldn’t have thought of; e.g. Usain Bolt and Michael Jackson. Some of the kids had considered the ‘powerful’ to mean, the fastest, the strongest, or the most confident, which is something most people wouldn’t think of.

The most popular and all round consensus of the group however, was that Jesus (or a figure of faith) was and is the most powerful person in the world. They believed his care for the human race and ability to cast miracles to help others made him inherently powerful.

We were really impressed by the creative ideas this week, and we’re looking forward to hearing some more fantastic responses from Donna and Suze next week, who will be taking on the big question:

Do boys think differently to girls?


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