11 Dec

Technology Partner User Group – Taking it to the MAX

Technology Partner User group Hobsons

Over 20 technology partners from 15 different institutions from throughout the UK and Ireland joined us last Thursday to participate on the 4th Technology Partner User group Meeting in London. At the last meeting of the year, Radius migration was was firmly on our radar whilst conversion was a hot on everyone’s lips. After trying to sum up the meeting in a nutshell, I came up with MAxIMuM (MIgrAtion Implmentation Mobile Marketing) – which is what we want to achieve isn’t it?

Migration (MAx)
Emma Shailer, University for the Creative Arts, took the floor to give her experience of the migration so far. Her main points were:

  • Building a solid on-campus project team will provide the biggest support.
  • Embrace Change – switching from Connect to Radius perspective was difficult. Don’t literally translate your Connect processes in to Radius. Radius is more simple…“a nice place to be”.
  • Focus on what you want to achieve in Radius

Implementation (I)
Matt McKillen our Senior Implementation Specialist offered his advice for preparations pre-migration. Migration means moving your Connect instance to Radius. This is not literal – adaptability is essential. It is not possible to create a direct replication of your instance because Connect is not relational and Radius is much more streamline.

  • HOT TIP: Leave excess baggage behind, get to know Radius before jumping into the product (learning resources available for Hobsons partners on Compass).

Mobile Marketing (MuM)
Our conversion session centred around basing your student engagement strategy on evidence rather than assumptions. Many institutions review the results of their communications at the end of the applicant cycle. We propose that this review occurs as prospective students move through the different stages of the conversion funnel – testing the effectiveness of your communications throughout the process and sticking with what produces the best results. AB testing in Connect would be a great methodology to achieve this.

The increasing number of prospects viewing your emails on a mobile device is growing and will continue to do so in to the future. Why not implement countdown timers for event and transactional emails? Which not only looks great on a mobile device but creates a sense of urgency and promotes the desire to respond to a particular call to action. Mobile responsive design is here to stay but can be expensive and resource heavy so start thinking mobile friendly – use of buttons as clear calls to action hyperlinked to Connect surveys or E&I registration forms. E&I registration forms do not support responsive design code so simple short E&I forms look more appealing on mobile devices. If you have any questions about any aspect of this article please reach do out to your Success Manager for more information.

Looking forward to supporting your conversion efforts to the MAX in 2015!

By Alanna Henry, Client Success Manager. 

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