11 Mar

Reflections on Hobsons U 15

HU15 wordcloudThis last week we’ve been getting some great feedback about #hobsonsu15 our annual conference.  With 25% more delegates than in past years it’s a testament to both our growing community and the uncertainty about what the future holds for higher education.

As the person responsible for the conference it is nice to know that you are delivering what people want and it is comments like “Interesting, informative, worth the 4.00am wakeup call!” that make it all worth it.

The group of institutions gathered this year all seemed to have one thing in common; a desire to stand out from the crowd, do things better and increase student success.  Over the coming weeks we will be sharing video from the conference, our partners talking about how they’ve worked with us using either our products or our services to make their institutions stand out and their students more successful.

So stay tuned, but for now we thought you might like to see some photos from the event.


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