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Hobsons Radius at ESADE Business School

ESADE Business School educates the future leadership of successful, innovative and socially responsible companies. ESADE offers MBA, Executive Education programs and undergraduate management degrees, catering for a student population of 8,086 enrolled at the ESADE Business School, including 1,500 international students from a total of 100 different nations. ESADE is an award winning university and features in the top ten of all international rankings for relations with the corporate world.

Radius impact in numbers:

  • 3,250,000+ emails sent with an average open rate of 25%
  • 24,000+ attendees to events
  • 8,500+ interviews managed with potential students
  • 26,500+ conversations maintained with contacts

Before working with Hobsons ESADE Business School identified a number of inefficiencies in their processes. Staff relied on manually inputting vast amounts of data, managing commercial activities and the segmentation of potential students through Excel spreadsheets and basic communication tools. As a result, they were unable to build up a whole picture of their students, or to track and support them sufficiently across their academic lifecycle.

Visit registration and interviews with candidates were not unified, resulting in overlaps between departments, which suffered because of the inability to share data and information between them. ESADE faced difficulties in organising events and managing their attendees in a centralised manner.

All of these challenges particularly hindered recruitment efforts, as ESADE were unable to identify and target prospective students, or to track campaign successes and their impact upon enrolment.

“Despite the enduring and difficult effects of the economic crisis, the Executive Education unit has been achieving greater economic goals each year. Our partnership with Hobsons and the implementation of Radius has allowed us to reach historic records on
enrolments and activity.” Maria Garcia Rey, Director, Business Intelligence Area.

Solution and Implementation
In 2007 ESADE’s Executive Education unit chose to use Radius because of its efficiency, flexibility and integration. Radius allows holistic reporting of markets and segments,
continually improving marketing and recruitment efforts.

Implementation was quick and smooth; the initial process lasted 100 days, after which a review was conducted to gain in depth understanding of how the university was using Radius and where further gains could be made. Hobsons’ experience in higher education meant that they were able to support ESADE to transform, unify and optimise their processes.

Radius is an evolving product for an evolving market. Hobsons partnered with ESADE Business School to support them through the increasing complexities of the university
as it continues to grow and develop.

“The increased organisation and efficiencies made in communications has vastly improved the relationship ESADE Business School has built up with its students. We
are able to build up a profile of each student, tracking all communications with them and the progress they make. This enables excellent levels of personalisation which vastly
improves our relationship with our students.”



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