16 Feb

SOLE – Week Five



The children came into the classroom this week full of energy and as eager as ever. We expected smaller numbers because a new club has started on Tuesday at the same time, but this SOLE club remained as busy as always and we had around 35 pupils in the group!

The question this week was “What is the most dangerous animal in the world and why?”

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27 Nov

SOLE – Week Two


Once the kids of year 4-6 at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School had got used to our new faces, the second session of SOLE got underway. They told us that they had really enjoyed last week’s exploration with Nicola and Alistair of how long society would last without electricity, and many seemed keen to volunteer to be the ‘police officers’. This week Stephanie and Samuel helped us out in this much coveted role and got to work handing out the iPads, posters and pens.

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